Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Thanks to Noah Brier for the heads-up on a fab wee web tool/site/space/thingy called tumblr - its a scrapbook space where you can share text/video/pictures/links/videos etc for future reference or for your f&f.

I like it because it allows me to share the content I share on Facebook... in a public domain for members of the nanolog community who aren't on Facebook.

Its all web2.0 where I can follow other folks... which is a nice feature. You can also change the design [I've got a sweet iPhone thing going on] and embed it in your own webspace if you have the talent. I'm going to play about with it... so follow me / create your own content / get involved.

I have created a channel :: Headphonaught's ol' Nanolog Community :: where anyone who wants to... can post content. You need to sign up to tumblr > when you do, let me know and I'll add you to the channel.

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