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This is Bobby. Bobby is 17 and is an inspiration to me. An inspiration in the Rob Bell / Shane Claiborne / Brian McLaren school. He makes me think of my faith and encourages me to keep going. I blogged about the Aridrie folk last May...
It was inspiring to see the folks in Airdrie keeping their end up in the fight. The young folk were there because they wanted to be there... and were really making a difference. Their Singing Company for example is leaderless and still the kids keep it going under their own initiative. This blessed me. As did the attitude of older folk who were actively encouraging the younger folk and giving them their time and respect. Beautiful.
my words

...and my words hold true to this day.

Bobby being enrolled

Last night I was proud as punch to see Bobby enrolled as a Soldier of the Salvation Army. Proud because of his commitment to God. Inspired to see this young man seeking to commit his life to His Lord and to serve others.

Afterwards... Airdrie hosted a gathering entitled Project X -- The Essential Band aka Particles of Warp played a fab set even though they were hampered by a missing VGA cable. They are sounding good and led a quality time of praise.

Jon G

Another inspiration for me... Jon G... brought a thought to the gathering. He used the gym as a metaphor for church... everyone needs the fellowship of church... everyone... the super-fit... the ordinary folk... the fat folk who, to be fair to them, work harder than most in the drive to get fit. Sweet metaphor that worked for the gathering.

Good times! Great to catch up with old friends and come together for a common purpose.

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wcs53 said...

Hey, that's my brother-in-law there doing the enrolment.

Exciting stuff!


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