Saturday, February 02, 2008

Philly - days 4 & 5

What a beautiful morning...

Thursday was a glorious day. Sunny but cold. The sunlight streaming in the windows was a wonderful encouragement as I went for breakfast. Been eating a big bowl of fruit every morning along with some oj, some skimmed milk and coffee. Sets me up for the day.


The workshops are pretty intense... with lots of liquids consumed to keep us (me) sharp. Loving my snapple... especially diet lemon ice tea. Fab. Drinking loads of water too... my skin feels dry and dehydrated.

Everybody in the Himalayan

After work... the whole team headed to a local Indian restaurant called The Himalyan >> its a fab wee family place. A couple of chaps from the vendor (Shripad and Shrinivas) are Indian... and this is a place they go to often. I had spoken to them earlier in the week about going for a Ruby Murry and they were delighted to take care of us all... ordering food and making the evening flow.

Artwork in the loo of the Himalayan

The food was good and the artwork fab... all in... a lovely meal with the team.

Rain... please stop!

This morning could not have been more different from yesterday... it was pouring... so much so it reminded me of home. Today wasn't as intense... more of a day to resolve issues... answer questions... and tie things up.

Fish and Chips

After a lovely iChat with Olly... Dayna & Miriam... and my sis Janey... I joined my colleagues in the bar for some food. Felt like fish and chips... and wasn't disappointed.


Later on... I decided to head to the local cinema to see Cloverfield >> the latest cinematic sensation. It didn't disappoint... although the camera work did exacerbate a headache. Its an awesome film >> fantastic concept extremely well executed and brought to the screen. The footage is raw and very realistic... a bit too raw for some. JJAbrams has created something brilliant... an ideal film to prepare me for my trip to New York tomorrow. Well recommended! I'll leave you with this...

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Mark said...

You are lucky that you only had a headache. I missed the last 30 mins cause I had to leave due to the camera work making me feel sick!


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