Monday, February 18, 2008

What's in my work bag?

My work bag

My previous post on my social bag got me thinking about my work bag... a sweet Manhattan Protage DJ bag in a nice corporate beige rather than skulls et al. I don't have as much stuff in it... I sometimes need to bring my Thinkpad home now and again:
  1. A copy of MOJO - their interview with RADIOHEAD was fab and a great read.
  2. A copy of Naomi Klein's No Logo which is another fab read >> its opening my eyes to modern day capitalism and brands... challenging me.
  3. 3 MOLESKINE notebooks -- I use a large planner/notepad at work... I got it at a discount because it was an 18 monther... I use the 2007 pages for notes and stuff -- and my ever faithful RHODIA scribblepad.
  4. 2 of my 3 iPods >> I have filled the shuffle with Stevie Wonder's 70s albums for a random burst of happiness if/when needed.
  5. A wee memory stick for files.
That's me. What's in your work bag?
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