Monday, February 18, 2008

What's in my work bag?

My work bag

My previous post on my social bag got me thinking about my work bag... a sweet Manhattan Protage DJ bag in a nice corporate beige rather than skulls et al. I don't have as much stuff in it... I sometimes need to bring my Thinkpad home now and again:
  1. A copy of MOJO - their interview with RADIOHEAD was fab and a great read.
  2. A copy of Naomi Klein's No Logo which is another fab read >> its opening my eyes to modern day capitalism and brands... challenging me.
  3. 3 MOLESKINE notebooks -- I use a large planner/notepad at work... I got it at a discount because it was an 18 monther... I use the 2007 pages for notes and stuff -- and my ever faithful RHODIA scribblepad.
  4. 2 of my 3 iPods >> I have filled the shuffle with Stevie Wonder's 70s albums for a random burst of happiness if/when needed.
  5. A wee memory stick for files.
That's me. What's in your work bag?


Johnny said...


In my North Face Borealis is the following:

Large format Moleskine 2008 diary.

A copy of The Message//REMIX, filled with Post-it notes.

A copy of EXILES: Living Missionally in a post-Christian Culture, by MICHAEL FROST

A note from Faithworks, related to the purchase of Intelligent Church DVD.

Newsletter from Mia's school.

Newsletter from "In Croydon There is a Church"

...various other sundry bits of paper.

That's it!

Royzoner said...

i am more than impressed.

Anonymous said...

1. Blackberry
2. Sony VAIO laptop
3. iPod
4. Plain old notepad with pages and pages of doodles, notes, and diagrams
5. Static guard (I hate static)
6. gum
7. Post-it notes and a pen
8. trail mix (I get hungry a lot)

John Ager said...

Amongst other things...
1. Academic year diary (18 months) - useful as they start when officers move!
2. To do notebook
3. Flash drives
4. Moleskin
5. Digital memo
6. Bluetooth & headphones for Sony Ericsson W880i mobile
7. Torch
8. Visiting book
9. Bible & SA songbook
10. Umbrella
etc. etc.

Johnny said...

the spooky thing is the contents of all the bags are so similar.

reverendmavis said...

Living in my work bag today...

1 x 12 month academic diary stuffed with leaflets, invitations, napkins, to do lists, an ALOVE prayer diary and a grant form.

1 x Blue Pukka Pad which for meetings or any insipration.

1 x Random Paperwork, folded many time over

1 x World Day of Prayer Resource Booklet (it's not mine!)

1 x Tattered Study Bible

1 x 'borrowed' copy of a tylndle commentry on matthew

1 x Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels

1 x Blunt Pencil

1 x out-of-battery iPod


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