Sunday, February 17, 2008

What's in my bag?

What's in my bag?

I tend to carry a lot of stuff around with me... not just my metaphorical baggage but stuff in my bag too.

I picked up a fab messenger bag in Philly for $5 (approx £2.50 or so)... its a collab between LOOPNYC and the ANDY WARHOL foundation... its a really well made bag with a fab, repeating skull print. In it are the following bits and pieces:
  • 2 magazines -- GOOD magazine and Giant Robot magazine -- I rate them both highly... GOOD has a socially responsible slant to pop culture whereas GR has an Asian perspective... fab.
  • 4 books -- the MESSAGE translation of the Bible... No1 Ladies Detective Agency... Everything Must Change... and... Daily Readings for a Purpose Driven Life (for my Lenten journey) > I love to read and try to grab any opportunity to do so.
  • 4 notebooks -- 3 MOLESKINES (1 plain, 1 planner & 1 unopened lined) and 1 RHODIA square for scribbles.
  • 1 Nintendo DS Lite with Dr Kawashima's Brain Training - the suduko rawks!!!
  • 1 iPod (5th gen / 80 gb) with a fab GRIFFIN case that doubles as a stand for watching videos.
  • Nausicaa DVD -- no1 in the Studio Ghibli series -- from the master: Hayao Miyazaki.
  • Cosmosonica -- a collection of crazy cover versions from another master: Tom Middleton.
So anyway... that's what's feeding my head and my soul just now. What's in your bag? What's feeding your head and soul?


Stewart said...

Mine is much the same as it was when I posted this

There are only a couple of changes... I now have a black macbook as the HP died and I've got a moleskine A5 diary and a pocket notebook.

I tend not to carry books about, just what I'm reading at the time. Just finished 'Ghost Soldiers' by Hampton Sides, a brilliant account of the 2nd world war experience of POWs in the Philippines and their rescue.

Jonathan Blundell said...

I don't carry a bag with me most days unless its to and from work.

If that's the case I usually carry a bag with my lunch and my laptop bag.

In it I carry my work issued Dell laptop and currently Everything Must Change, The Ragamuffin Gospel and The Message NT.

But in my pockets or close to me I usually carry my cellphone, a pen, my money clip (with basic ID cards, bus pass etc), keys, a pocket knife, my Zune and most recently a new pocket calendar.

I'll have to try and take a photo of it all later this week.

JD from Texas

Johnny said...

I just replied to this against the newer post! I'm losing it!!


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