Monday, February 11, 2008

Tunes for Philly

Here's a few tunes that I picked up for the trip to Philly ::

First off... some deep techno from the fab netlabel Sutemos entitled CMYK (Sutemos020) is a fourway collab between Sraunus / Grad_U / Mikrokristal and Zulusas that is just plain lovely. Its minimal techno with real depth and feeling. Fab instrumentals that formed the soundtrack to the desolate land that I saw while flying to Newark. Astonishing that this album is a free download.

Next up is the soundtrack to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon where Tan Dun and Yo Yo Ma create an awesome soundscape of drums, traditional instrumentation and Ma's cello. I can give or take the closing theme A Love Before Time but the rest of the album is fantastic. I picked up my copy in a charity shop on Byre's Road for a couple of pound. Money well spent.

As was Timeless by Goldie which was a steal at 50p in the Salvation Army shop on Dumbarton Road. This is my all time favourite drum and bass album... its 13 year old but still sounds as fresh and futuristic as it did when an old friend's brother brought it home. Goldie's beats paired with Rob Playford's soundscapes and some fab vocals make this a classic and timeless recording. I love the way there is almost two separate things going on >> frantic beats over sweet soulful synths. Beautiful.

Check them out.

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