Thursday, February 21, 2008

Why You Blog?

Noah Brier is a chap I respect... he has inspired me with some cool ideas >> introducing me to Tumblr and being the brains behind streetmining and the awesome likemind (anyone want to host a Likemind in Glasgow with me???)

Anyway... his sister -- Leah -- is blogging as part of her senior communication thesis... literally her blog [whyyoublog] is an integral part of her study ::
As a senior communication major at George Washington University, I am hoping to take a journey into the blogosphere and learn what makes people blog, and what their blogs contribute to their lives. My journey of inquiry and discovery is to take a closer look into the creation, maintenance and effects blogs and their authors. Any help in the creation of this blog dialogue would be greatly appreciated!
What a cool idea... must be genetic or something?!? Anyway... I answered her latest post >> Blogging about blogs >> and missed a ton of stuff out... but thought I'd share what I wrote as a way to encourage anyone in the ol' nanolog community who wants to talk more about their interaction with blogs to speak up:
1. Do you blog? If yes, why?

Yes... been blogging for a while now and love it. Its the way in which I express the whole of me... all my passions / obsessions / dreams... the holistic stuff.

2. Do you read blogs? If yes, what is your favorite and why?

Yes... 137 in my google reader. Favs include Coolhunting / Josh Spear / Johnny Baker / Aurgasm / PSFK / tallskinnykiwi / my pals JD Blundell, Johnny Laird and faithscape21.

3. Do you consider the ‘blogosphere’ a community? If yes, what kind of community?

Yes I do... I have met people I met through my blog... had food and talked like I've known them for years.

Your brother, Noah, hooked me up with a fab insiders map of NYC for when I came for a brief visit.

Its about give and take... write and comment... hook people up with others who do stuff they need.

Its more a "fellowship" of likeminded people and a conversation with buddies.

4. How does connecting with people online change the nature of interpersonal relationships?

I know more about my pal JD in Texas than I do about my nextdoor neighbour in Motherwell, Scotland. Its about trust and friendship, not about location.

5. Does becoming part of an online community and/or being a part of a new generation of writers change your thoughts on blogging? Why and how?

Yes. Its about contribution and collaboration... its about working together... supporting each other... keeping the conversation fresh and the fellowship tight.
Summing up... I think its all about contribution and collaboration instead of consumption >> we are making culture right here and now. Thanks Leah! Best for your senior year.

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John Ager said...

It's fun, I like writing and communicating, sharing with family and friends, meeting new friends, networking (in conjunction with Facebook), sharing interests, passions and tips, to put positive and uplifting stuff on the web, and as an extension of my Christian ministry. Oh, and I'm a geek! Ha ha!


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