Monday, May 26, 2008

((deep)) -- no.5

Adam's pic - "Christ in red and orange"

I like the way each ((deep)) is different. The Spirit shows up and makes the evening His own. Saturday night was no exception.


The Essential Band were without a drummer for the evening... but they made some beautiful lemonade with this lemon they were thrown - they stripped it down and played an "unplugged" set... with Paul on acoustic guitar... Jen & Laura on vocals... and Stuart & John on bongos... with John playing the trumpet too. Special times.

Adam painting

Another reason why this ((deep)) gathering was special - Adam Howie joined us to express his worship through paint. He produced 2 paintings - the one at the top of this post (which was purchased after the gathering by an anon benefactor and my sincere thanks go to them) and the picture below entitled "deep" ::

Adam's pic - "deep"

I received very positive feedback that reinforced my gut feeling - watching a painting unfold connects with visually stimulated people thus keeping their attention while folks are speaking. Adam did a sterling job and I hope he will join us again.


After worship... we had a period of testimony... where various folk spoke of who they thought Jesus is... along with an open mic for participants who wished to speak. This was another special time. Hearing testimonies is always moving... but to hear from folk who I haven't heard speak before is wonderful - Stuart's testimony was simple... Jesus is his best friend... and yet he spoke with a heartfelt eloquence that proved for me, there and then, the power of testimony. Peoples' stories move mountains. My thanks to Dan, Laura, John, and Stuart for their preparation. Moving.

Jon, Leeanne, Bobby & Dan

It was fab to see Jon, Leeanne, Bobby and Dan... as well as those not pictured including Lorna, Ian, Kirsty, Lauren and the other Bobby. Thanks to you all for making the effort to be there.

Thanks too... to Gary and the youth group from Hamilton who were in the neighbourhood. Thanks for being part of the gathering.


All in... another great night. Last word of thanks goes to Lucy who is a top notch organiser and number one responsible person... and I am glad she is part of this.

Here's to the next one in August.


Jonathan Blundell said...

love the artwork.

give my regards to the painter.

look forward to hearing some of the stories.

Chris H said...

Looking good - sorry I haven't managed to get thry yet, it always seems to fall on a weekend when I can't spare the time to travel to Glasgow.

Maybe ((deep)) should go on tour ;)

Leanne said...

*cough* its Leanne btw not Leeanne :P
awesome night yet again.
cheers Thomas


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