Friday, May 30, 2008

What I've been up to lately...


It feels like ages since I posted some of my thoughts/feelings on the ol' nanolog - thanks for your patience.

I've been busy... busy being part of a family... and busy with a few personal projects (which I'll talk about later).


We've been to a garden festival (the Viewpark Garden Festival)...

Olly and Dayna

celebrated our Dayna's birthday... went for a walk to see the Falls of Clyde and Peregrine Falcon chicks... and picnic'd with Janey at the Calderglen Park. Truly good times.

Olly and I have both been working hard... Olly has been working full time while her boss takes some overdue leave... and I have been trying to get my head around the finer points of foreign exchange... and studying for a Business Analysis qualification.

I have also been connecting with more folks using skype and enjoying it. The above screen dump was taken when I connected with Jonathan and he couldn't speak. So I did the talking and he responded with words typed onscreen and the odd laugh. That was a fun conversation. Chats with Paul E and Chris have been beneficial and improved through the use of skype. I am "headphonaught" on skype if you want to talk with me sometime. Please give me some notice... and consider any potential time difference... but otherwise would love to chat.

As for personal projects... 4 things come to mind:

(1) I have been examining my understanding of church based on what I have experienced and what I know/believe/hope is possible.
Forgive me first love, but I’m tired.
I need to get away to feel again.
Adele from her track "First Love" on her "19" album - this is how I feel about my church at the moment (please note - my first love is Jesus and not the church). This examination is ongoing.

(2) I have started a podcast with my friend Jonathan using the wonder of skype - it kind of came about through a random conversation and a joint love for the Nick and Josh podcast and Homebrewed Christianity (both great pods that I would heartily recommend). We dreamed of a podcast where we both shared in conversation with people... ordinary radicals... who have stories worth talking about. The name :: something beautiful :: comes from a line in Brian McLaren's book - Everything Must Change...
If we believe, we can be transformed into agents of something beautiful that is trying to be born in our world. We can be caught up in the unfolding, emergent, spiraling process of God giving birth to a beautiful whole, the kingdom of God.
We'll see where it goes... but I am excited. For a deeper explanation go to or head straight to iTunes for the podcast. Give us your feedback and your suggestions for improvements - its still young and needs to grow. Edition 1.1 uses audio from the videos from ((deep)) which will spread the word that wee bit further. I am also interesting in stories from members of the ol' nanolog community. Want to share? Let me know... would love you to be part of this new journey.

(3) I have been in communication with a wonderful couple called Chris and Michaela (again using skype) about the possibility of bringing interested "emerging" people together for an ongoing/regular time of sharing, inspiration and support. I will keep you posted on progress but I am quietly confident that this is something inspired and encouraged by the Spirit... and will happen.

(4) Lastly... I have been asked by Jen & Paul to be involved in organising a gathering in June. The Essential Band have a gig in a cafe in the City Centre and I was hoping to bring Adam Howie through to show off some of his work... gallery opening style. Its still early days and I will keep you posted... all I can say just now is keep Friday, 20th June free if you are in or around Glasgow.

Oh and I have joined Jaiku too through an invite from a good pal in Geneva. If you are a member... please hook up with me and say "hi".

So anyway... here's to the weekend.


Laura Whispering said...

Just another quiet time in the life of Thomas, then? [/sarcasm]

You don't happen to know if the Essential guys are still on the go come August, do you?

- Laura xo

Johnny said...

Got to listen to the podcast last night.

Good stuff, guys!



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