Monday, May 12, 2008


Something happened yesterday that I want to talk about. You see... yesterday I got hurt... but that's not what I want to discuss. What I want to talk about is the aftermath.

I sent the following tweet at 1415hrs yesterday:
" heading out Lanark way with the family after problems at church... needing time out."
Olly and the we'ans were wonderful. Their presence and support was priceless. We talked... they listened... they gave me big hugs and said reassuring things. They lifted me up.

Thing is... theirs wasn't the only support I received. Not long after I sent the tweet, I received a number of responses - tweets... texts... facebook messages... emails... and phonecalls - all to see how I was and to provide support. This bowled me over. I was literally speechless.

That's why I thought the above joy of tech cartoon was genius... because... try as I might... I can't imagine a world without facebook... twitter... texting, phonecalls and emails. They may be timewasting procrastination toys for geeks in the eyes of some people... but for me... they are meaningful ways to connect and interact with likeminded friends.

I would therefore like to say thanks to all my friends out there... the ones on facebook... the ones using twitter... the ones who I speak with through email, instant messenger and text... as well as via the phone or face to face. Thanks for being there! Thanks for connecting! Thanks for paying attention!

Presence is important... extremely important... but a lot of meaning can be put in 140 characters or less!

Thank you all!


Marta Ager said...

Good to hear...friends, soul friends are just great,they know what to say or do, or they are just there in spirit when you need them. God Bless you and your lovely family.

caldjr said...

just glad to be there of you T and glad to be counted as a friend.

blessings always



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