Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Dayna!!!

iPod Dayna

Our wee girl, Dayna, is 9 years old today... and we can't quite believe it. To celebrate we bought her an iPod shuffle and filled it with the kind of cool music 9 year olds listen to like Mika... Brooke Fraser... and A-HA.

Happy Birthday Dayna... I hope you have a lovely day!?!


Kerry said...

Thomas, what a cute girl. Happy Birthday, Dayna!

Johnny said...

Happy Birthday, Dayna!

Johnny :-)

BF said...

Happy Birthday Dana. Hey do you remember puking on Lorraine's shoulder in the House at Tinkers Lane? MAN! where did that time go to. I think that was me introducing Lorraine to yer maw and paw for the first time!

I also remember a budgie flying around and Lorraine rather worried!

Have a good one !

an said...

happy birthday to dayna
what is she already big
i know 4 years ago when we were in bellshill


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