Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cousin Silas - Uncertainty

I got an email this morning from Cousin Silas ::

All being well, the album Uncertainty, should be ready for downloading on the 7th August. It’s on the Just Not Normal Net Label, complete with artwork by Jesus Olmo, and there are (surprise surprise) two tracks in and amongst the 13 that are ‘dedicated’ to you due to the fact that both these tracks were directly inspired by your photos.

One is the Chimney & Ladder jobby, and other is Strathclyde Park Loch 2…

Make of them what you will my friend. A healthy mix of dark and light, calm and unsettling.

Hope you and yours are well.

I am so stoked by this... and can't wait until the 7th August. Here's the pics Cousin Silas refers to in his note:

Chimneys (136/365)
Chimneys (136/365)

Strathclyde Park Loch #2
Strathclyde Park Loch #2

Made my day!

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