Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My grandpa's camera :: Ensign All Distance Folding Camera

My grandpa's camera :: Ensign All Distance (folding) (mosaic)

I am stoked to have inherited my grandpa's Ensign All Distance Folding Camera. I didn't know what it was but did a wee hunt on the 'tinterweb and found it here. It was made in the UK and shoots 120mm medium format film. If I can work out how to load / unload it... I might just give it a go to see if it still works. Would make a nice addition to my camera kit if it does.

My grandpa's camera :: Ensign All Distance (folding) #6

I'm not sure why I have a current obsession with film cameras. I think it has something to do with authenticity and tangibility. Authenticity in that I have become accustomed to the various classic effects that the iPhone can produce... I love their aesthetic and want to use the original; and tangibility in that I like the touchy/feely nature of an actual printed photograph.

Check out more pics of my camera on my Flickr page.

Oh and thanks to Mum for entrusting me with my grandpa's camera! I hope I can breathe life back into it.

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