Tuesday, July 28, 2009

it’s a book, a special book, but a book

Protest 280709.2
"/..The protesters had banners with ‘The Bible is God’s Perfect Creation’ on one of them. Again the irony seemed to escape them. Their complaint, apart from being against anyone not being straight, is that the Bible is being defaced, not that God’s creations, people, are being hurt and discriminated against.

I like the Bible. I have lots of them. I’ve written on some of them. I’ve thrown some in the bin. I’m not worried that I’ll go to Hell for that because it’s a book, a special book, but a book. And the minute it becomes more than that it becomes an idol../"
Making the point :: Stewart Cutler

I saw the protestors too... but haven't popped in to see the exhibit for myself. I will... but, to be honest, I prefer to spend my lunch hour in the company of folk like Stewart... whose comments on the whole malarky are well worth reading.

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