Sunday, July 26, 2009

My second painting :: Trees at the Pavilion

My 2nd painting

This is my second painting... entitled "Trees at the Pavilion"... because it simply shows three trees that reside and clean NoMo's air at the Pavilion. It is based on this picture:

My 10th Polaroid

I'm not sure about this painting malarky, to be honest. I found it horrendously frustrating last night... got all stressed... and got all crabbit (sorry Olly, Dayna & Miriam).

Thing is... I love the ability to create something from nothing... but I feel so inadequate... so small. So much so I've been all angsty - I feel I am so mediocre with everything I do: photography... blogging... creating space for church... theology... podcasting... being a husband & parent... the works. I'm not a confident person and I feel really humbled... leveled, in fact... by this.

Will there be another painting..? Of course there will... I just need to work on it... and that's the thing. How dare I think... in all my arrogance... that I could watch a couple of episodes of BOB ROSS, buy some supplies & create wonders... I need to work at it.

I recently read OUTLIERS by Malcolm Gladwell (which I strongly recommend to everyone reading this inane rant) and realise that success comes through opportunity and HARD WORK... 10,000 hours of effort, at least.

This is my second painting for goodness sake!

Anyway... I hope you get what I mean. Enjoy it, if you can... and I hope you can follow me on this journey that I'm on.




Existential Punk said...

i love your humility and your angst as i can relate to not feeling adequate about most stuff. BUT REMEMBER, Rome wasn't built overnight and YOU, my dear friend, have SO VERY MUCH TO OFFER, not only me and your family and friends, but the world! You make a difference in my life and i love you for it!


Angus Mathie said...

Again I agree with EP! This is hardly an accurate judgment: "..I feel I am so mediocre with everything I do .." I could list quite a few things you excel in, including photography, and it would be good for you to list them yourself. There is no harm being unable to do something, especially when it is new. The secret is in recognizing your gifts/ strengths and thanking God for them and concentrating on them.


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