Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Artwork for Complex Silence 28 by Cousin Silas

I was honoured to create the album cover for Cousin Silas' second release for Phil Wilkerson and Thomas Park's fab series Complex Silence :: complex silence 28.

For the artwork, I used one of Ade Hodges atmospheric paintings entitled 'Molten'.

In addition to front and back artwork... I created individual track art using a fraction of the whole painting:

I think it works well and gives the listener something that bit more with their download.

I have to say I'd love to see an album cover like this made up as a 12" record sleeve. That would make my day.

The album - complex silence 28 - is available here for free. Please, if you have the time, download the album, check out my liner notes and find some space to just be.


PS Spot the error on the back cover... only just spotted this tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet - cheers mate.


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