Friday, October 05, 2012

Loving... Complex Silence 28

"...I was not disappointed. Cousin Silas has created wonderfully atmospheric music that would happily and easily soundtrack a plethora of futuristic sci-fi landscapes. Vast, empty, formless, silent landscapes. Spaces in time and space, so to speak. He has captured in sound the way we used to see space, not as dystopian brokenness or as bland tyrannical sameness, but a wide open expanse of opportunity for exploration and adventure. Almost Lovecraftian in texture. A rich and varied plurality of experience full of light and hope as well as darkness and despair. Listening to Time Dilates, for example, makes me think of At the Mountains of Madness../"
My liner notes from the latest edition of Complex Silence... the 28th edition by Cousin Silas.

I have been listening to this release on and off since I got a pre-release copy to help me prepare my notes... it is simply first class, I love it and I would highly recommend it.

You can download it for free here.


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