Sunday, October 28, 2012

Some thoughts about Windows 8 Metro UI

I watched this video on Friday morning... lying in bed sick with 'man-flu'... and well... I kind of liked what I saw.

Please... before you shout at me... hear me out. I have no intention of converting from Apple's iOS... I love Mountain Lion on my MacBook Pro and the various flavours of iOS that I have on my iPhones and iPad (my iPad is a first gen and missed iOS6). At least no intention at the moment.

What struck me about the Windows 8 Metro user interface (UI) in this demo was that it is different. Microsoft are going their own way... trying something new... and I like that.

It is colourfully bold and vibrant... and the tiles are well designed with simple yet effective symbols. It is fresh... design-wise... with an interesting UI that does embrace the touchscreen.

Now... I say that from watching the demo... I haven't played with the UI yet... but I intend to. I want to. Which is nuts, if I am honest. I have never really wanted to play with an alternative operating system before... not Linux... not Android... not Blackberry. I don't 'want' to play with Windows XP but have to at work.

I guess I like it because it is a well-designed alternative to Apple... and I wish it well. I'm beyond what is 'better' in tech and am all about what works for you. I hope Windows 8 works for folks and consumers are given a credible alternative rather than more 'me too'.

At the end of the day... its about choice and I welcome it.


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