Saturday, October 13, 2012

Loving... the iPhone BBC iPlayer Radio app

The BBC recently released a specific radio app for the iPhone and I think it's fab. Yes, I've already got a radio app on my iPhone (WunderRadio) but this app is something else... the interface for one is really, really nice.

Spin the dial to see all the BBC's radio channels... including the ones that aren't 'terrestrial' like 6music or Radio4 Extra.

I was listening to Radcliffe & Maconie when I took the screengrabs... but I could have been listening to...

Radio 4 Extra... or

Choral Evensong on Radio 3... or

Tom Morton on Radio Scotland (Morton is a fab journo, btw)... or even

The World Service... whose News coverage is well recommended if you want a broader view of what's going on.

I would recommend this app... it's free... and a brilliant example of how the BBC are seeking to innovate and bring their product to the people.

That said... I'm not sure why there aren't Android or Windows Phone apps yet. I also recommend plugging your iPhone in... streaming does eat up battery life and bandwidth. I'm glad Vodafone gave me 3 months of unlimited data when I got my 5. I don't know how much streaming via 3g I'll do when I'm back to 1gb per month... although I will happily use it at home with my wifi.


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Angus Mathie said...

Thanks for this recommendation. I now have it on mu iPod Touch and it is a real bonus. Radio Nan Gaidheal playing at the moment!


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