Sunday, July 23, 2006

Departure Lounge :: Edinburgh - 28th July

If I weren't heading out with the Soos to the TrocaBrahma event... I would have probably tried to check out ((Departure Lounge)) to see Digital Jones on Mr Haggis' recommendation. They played the last ((Boogaloo Bothy)) and I quite fancied hearing them.

Turns out Departure Lounge has a music policy that I could get behind...
The Departure Lounge music policy is as simple as it is eclectic. We play good new music from around the globe. Over the last few years we have seen an explosion in innovative artists who aren't afraid to fuse traditional music from places such as Brazil, Argentina, Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia with cutting-edge electronic production techniques and other musical forms such as jazz and drum'n'bass. What you get is a new spectrum of sounds emerging which escape categorisation, and just sound, well, good.../

So jazz is colliding with flamenco, bossa nova with drum'n'bass, tango with breakbeat and African percussion with broken beat - and the result is a diverse and exciting range of sounds which feed the mind and soul as well as the feet.
Sounds like my cup o' cha.

Speaking of Mr Haggis... He has released a 12 minute excerpt of a piece of music he compiled for a friend's wedding. It is lovely and on the nano already. Check it out here :: ((link))

G'on yersel Paul... Loving it! Can't wait to hear the full 1 hour track.

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