Saturday, July 22, 2006

Lido di Jesolo

Lido di Jesolo was and is an amazing place to visit. The Lido part refers to the beach that edges onto the beautiful Adriatic Sea. It is basically one long beach... The heart of Jesolo, however, is the strand. To call it a high street is to miss the point. This is one long, straight road that is the home to hotels... cafes... clubs... restraunts... gelaterias (ice cream shops)... shops - mostly clothes and jewellery, although I did find one music shop.

The road just went on and on... we'd try to walk further and further from the bus stop but with the heat and the we'ans... it was an endurance test. The pic above was about the furthest we managed and there was loads more to see.

The best bit... however... was the fact that after 2000hrs, the road was closed to non-essential traffic. This was when the bold and the beautiful, the waxed and the maxed came out to play in the balmy Italiano nights (28 degs at 2300hrs). It was wonderful to be part of the buzz... with plenty to do and see - the shops stayed open to 2330hrs, at least.

I really enjoyed this and hope to see it again.

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