Saturday, July 22, 2006

Time Out :: New Music :: Flicka

When I got up this morning (shows I was that knackered after the trip - I didn't go online immediately upon my return) I checked my sage RSS reader plug-in for updates. Everything went red... even Alex Young aka Milieu - he's been a bit busy lately and hasn't been updating. Hopefully, he's working on more tunes like his fab album Aurora Borealis!?!

Anyway, when Milieu recommends some tunage, I always check his recommendations out. He's the tastemaker who switched me onto netlabels.

Check out this 3 track release on ((TMBase.RO)) by Makunouchi Bento, SelfMadeMusic and Bleep entitled Flicka - 3 different tracks representing the sound of now. The download is about 30 mbs and well worth it - its on my borrowed Nano already.

Check it out here :: ((link))

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