Sunday, July 02, 2006

SNAC :: Sunday Night After Church

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Had a fab time tonight at "SNAC" ((Sunday Night After Church))... there were a number of new faces, some who hadn't been to the church before or at least for a while.

We had a very relaxed time of worship, meditation and fellowship... with "the red and blue pill scene" from the Matrix used to demonstrate our choices in this life. "Grace" by U2 was also effectively employed as a call to prayer and thought.

BLOC were, as always, good... with some new songs too... even though we couldn't use the drums (long story). Capt Alec was on form with a very poigniant thought on choice.

Afterwards, I was approached by one of our divisional leaders-to-be (aka our "bishops") and asked to be part of a new-expression-of-church/community planting team. Not sure exactly when or what it will involve... but Olly and I are getting ready for the next step. We do understand things will get blurred and a wee bit messy but we are up for the challenge.

Fab time all in... Thanks to everyone who was involved.

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Anonymous said...

We pray that the Holy Spirit will indeed lead you into ways that will honour Him and be a blessing to others. Trust you will move in the strength of the Lord.


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