Saturday, July 29, 2006

Lifestyle Simplicity :: another perspective

One of the most common cries of city dwellers is that they are too busy to enjoy life. Yet much of our leisure time is spent doing things that do not feed our souls. Grocery shopping takes priority over spending time with family. Watching movies takes priority over conversation with friends. Neither our leisure time nor our working lives contribute significantly to the nourishment of our souls, the development of human community.../

God has blessed human beings throughout history. From the calling of Abram to the establishment of the covenant at Mount Sinai to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God has promised to bless his people. While God’s blessing is not restricted to material things, material prosperity has often been held up as a sign of God’s blessing upon his people.../

If God is concerned about our economic wellbeing, then so should we be. Unfortunately, in our society, our economic wellbeing often assumes too prominent a place in our thinking, with the result that we turn wealth into an idol. Rather than being acknowledged as a gift from God to be shared with all of humankind, wealth becomes something we pursue for our own ends, forgetting both God and neighbour.../
I found Dani's article on ((lifestyle simplicity)) on the rubicon to be extremely challenging and thoughtprovoking for where I am at. I suggest you read the article and think it through :: ((link))

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