Sunday, July 30, 2006

A More Satisfying Life...

My pal ((Pernell)) over at the Freeway... posted this and I thought I'd expand it here::
According to Time Magazine, here are eight steps toward a more satisfying life:

1. Count your blessings.
2. Practice acts of kindness.
3. Savor life's joys.
4. Thank a mentor.
5. Learn to forgive.
6. Invest time and energy in friends and family.
7. Take care of your body.
8. Develop strategies for coping with stress and hardship.

I would also add:

1. Explore deep spiritual practices.
2. Invest in | live with | work with the poor.
3. Get involved in your neighbourhood.
4. Express love | compassion | grace regularly.
5. Laugh hard... alot.

What would you add?
Well... Personally I would add:

1. Take time to dance... whether it be a samba or a Dashing White Seargent at a community Ceilidh or even nodding your head to some live music... move!
2. Spend time on your own... Don't be scared of the silence.
3. Read... Read regularly... make it a habit. Read the Bible... Read Dan Brown... Make time to read.
4. Listen... Listen to God... Listen to your family and friends... Listen to trusted advice... Listen to music and audiobooks! BUT don't listen to loose lips and advice you never asked for.
5. Watch Scooby Doo with your we'ans.

What would you add? Leave a comment or copy the post... pass it on...

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Paula said...

-do something creative every day.


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