Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Apple Store in Glasgow :: Part 2

Been there... got the tee-shirt

Been there... got the tee-shirt!!!

From the Starbucks across the road... at 0800hrs

I got up at 0700hrs... got washed and dressed... and headed out to Glasgow for the opening of the new Apple Store on Buchanan Street (near Urban Outfitters). Grabbed a coffee in the Starbucks on the other side of the street and then headed out to queue.


There were only about 1 - 2 hundred folk there at 0800hrs... although it got busier before 0900hrs. Not a real fantastic mix of people... mostly white men with facial hair (so I kind of fitted in) but there were a fair number of women and Asian men in the queue.

Science + Art = Apple

Loads of toys on display... mostly iPods and MacBooks... although there was one guy showing off his Newton PDA. At one point, he was holding it like a Street Preacher holds his King James Version. Proud as punch. Kind of fitting as we were watched over by Science and Art from above the entrance to Urban Outfitters. Afterall, Science + Art = Apple.

Thanks from the staff

Prior to the doors opening... the staff... the genii (plural for Genius) gave the queue a huge walking clap and cheer... which was lovely.

Greet the customers / fans / cult members

When the queue walked through the doors (bang on at 0900hrs) they (myself included) walked through a gauntlet of cheering genii. Seriously affirming... and, although embarrassing, kind of fun too. I can't really think of any other corporation giving you so much love.


The store itself is awesome... in an Apple Store kind of way. They have done justice to the "a" listed building. Stock is great - real choice of product and accessories. All in... a worthy addition to Glasgow... and a great start to the day.

Check out some other pics here

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Anonymous said...

Nice tee. I have one just like it. I didn't get there till about 10 to 9. I thought 8am would have been a bit excessive. I had a look for you but didnt see you. I couldnt get an appointment at the genius bar but a friendly genius named al fitted me in anyway so my macbook is fixed. And they took my old battery to be recycled too. I was impressed.

Anonymous said...

You look so smart in your new tshirt!

weareallghosts said...

Thank you Adele... and sorry I missed you Al. Would have been nice to catch up.

Unknown said...

grin, that is some pilgrimage :)


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