Monday, August 27, 2007

Bank Holiday Monday

Today was a good day! Here are the reasons why...

a) I get English Bank Holidays - today was one of them. We'ans at school. Olly at work. The house to myself until 1500hrs.
b) Woke up at 0920hrs... with faint memories of being kissed goodbye by my girls.
c) Stayed in bed... Iona playing on the iPod... Blogged... Facebooked... IM'd with a pal from the Netherlands and my brother from another mother (and father) Jody over in Auld Reekie. Spoke to my pal Stewart and arranged a coffee for next week.
d) Got up around 1100hrs-ish. I love it when time is hazy.
e) Ran a bath and enjoyed some quality reading time. Read from Romans and from Sex God
f) Got dressed and made some food - fried egg and proscuitio ham sandwiches. Nice.
g) Hung the washing out and did the dishes.
h) Watched roughly 10 mins of telly.
i) Uploaded content for the Summer School Blog.
j) Picked up the girls from school. Its a great feeling to see them run towards me.
k) As a family we headed to The Fort. Walked and looked. Picked up a Jose Gonzales 3 track CD single for 47p.
l) Enjoyed a fab dinner in Nando's.
m) Came home and finished Sex God.
n) Got a chance to do some more blogging and Facebooking.
o) Went to bed. Didn't think about work once today.

I am a Scotsman who wants more English Bank Holidays! How was your day?

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Lurch Kimded said...

My day? Well being out of work/self employed does mean that Bank Holidays tend tp have little real meaning for me... but I played that amazingly cool Bioshock for around 5 hours (not in one sitting) painted a couple of paintings, watched some telly, phoned parents, surfed web... yeah, a good day all in all. :)

caldjr said...

I normally have to work bank hols Thomas - get them tagged on to our annual leave! But was off yesterday as I added the day on to my hols to unpack and tidy the house with C-A. By lunchtime I got a text from a certain SA officer in Glenrothes inviting us out for the afternoon so, without a thought for the state of the house, we headed of as two families of 3 to St Andrews for drinks, Nachos, and good chat. We then went back to their house for more chillin and chatting plus playing on their new DS and a few races on the xBox. Tidying .... Chillin with friend..... ?? no contest!!


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