Thursday, August 16, 2007

This is me...

I'm a loser, baby

Do you like the t-shirt? The Soos brought it back from a wee visit to Seattle in '92/'93... I love it... I have one in white too. They were by Sub Pop and were the thing at the height of the whole Seattle music scene. I haven't worn them in ages (wearing the white one as I type) but was reminded on them recently...

Bobby and DianeMiriam and Dayna with chicks

Olly, the we'ans, Pippin and I (note: I know my place) were invited by Bobbito and Diane to go to the Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre in the middle of the nowhere part of Perthshire. Scenery is absolutely stunning... or at least what we saw of the scenery... considering it never stopped raining!


Wet! The kind of weather Noah dealt with. The only part of my attire that was dry were my pants (that's British pants).

So anyway, back to the tee... Why was I wearing it? Vicky, the older fruit of the loins of B&D accompanied us with Charlie... the cutest Spaniel ever. Recently, at a barbecue, I asked why Vicky kept her bebo locked... and she answered (and I quote) keep losers like you out of it!
Well, honey, I got the t-shirt on that one!!! Check out the rest of my photos from the centre here.

Oh and while we are (kind of) on the subject of t-shirts... check this out:

Its from a website called Oddica - they have some really cool and innovative designs that'll help you stand out in the Urban Outfitters / thrift shop crowd. The one above is called Sith Abandon Ship 2 and I like its humour. I'm not only a loser... I'm a geek too!!!

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Jonathan Blundell said...

(pssst... thomas - that's your skivies) ROFLOL

awx said...

nice to meet you :))) your t-shirt rules :D

Johnny said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of your hands, bro'! ;-)


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