Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Headphones and a Shuffle

Headphones & a Shuffle

Been rockin' my new headphones and shuffle all week. Love them. Have to say I'm not sporting them together as that would be just silly now...wouldn't it? The shuffle is fab for work... just put it on random and forget about it. I've put a ton of netlabel folktronica and prog rock on it. Love it when I don't know what is coming next - trust Apple to turn a design flaw into something sexy and covetous.

Have to say, however, without sounding ungrateful to Roscoe and Janey... that I wanted this shuffle!

Ha ha... who in their right mind would drop approximately £20k on an iPod shuffle? This world is truly insane.

Speaking of Apple... guess who is coming to Glasgow??? I'm thinking of heading into town on Saturday pretty early to see if I can score a Tee-shirt. I am such a geek!

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