Monday, August 20, 2007

Wow... what a weekend!


This is me... and I'm thirty three!!! It was my birthday yesterday and I wanted to say thanks, up front, to everyone who wished me well and sent their best. Thanks... it means a lot. I have to say FACEBOOK is a fab resource for keeping connected with folk for things like birthdays... my wall was inundated with messages... and I even got a Deep Purple video to watch!


The weekend kicked off on Friday afternoon with a coffee with Paul C. I have moved offices and don't get to see him as much... which kind of sucks... but it was nice to catch up with him.

Now look at the ear to the left of the photo... do you recognise it?

Billy Boyd's ear

Does this help??? Recognise the ear... anyone?

Think Middle Earth... think the name of my Cairn Terrier... Any ideas??? [I'll let you know at the end of this post]


In the evening... after work... Olly and the we'ans surprised me by taking me to a local Indian restaurant [Indian Villa on Windmillhill St] for some food... which was lovely.

Indian Villa

The place is small and intimate... with great service and fab food. I had a Chicken Garam Massala that was lovely... not too hot. Olly had her standard Chicken Tikka Massala - she should do Mastermind... with her specialist subject being Chicken Tikka Massala. Lovely!

Afterwards... we headed to ASDA (tut tut) for munchies for the eviction... and I picked up a couple of albums:

First off was Close to the edge by YES - Yes... I'm now delving into the world of Prog... and its not that bad! The album - 3 tracks - almost 40 mins... crazy beats and multiple rhythms and electronic sounds. I get it. Robert... if you read this... I'm sorry!

The other album I picked up (BTW - both were £3 each) was the classic debut from The Magic Numbers - truly classic rock music... great sounds and tremendous feel. Great for the car... in a really manic singalong kind of way.

Later on I got a call from our wee pal Calum from Summer School - the gang from Glenrothes kept texting me... wishing me a Happy Birthday... and Calum called to do so too. He told me he was considering becoming a Junior Soldier... which was fab!

Saturday was wet... the rain never stopped! We took it easy... only venturing out briefly to search for shoes and a handbag for Janey's wedding... with zero success.

We watched Lord of the Rings on the DVD and chilled. I love nothing more than curling up in front of a great film surrounded by my family.

Later on we headed over to The Fort - I shocked everyone by agreeing to go to Port Glasgow's 125th Corps Anniversary festival... especially considering Govan Band were playing. We left too late to go to IKEA and too early for the meeting... so we headed to Borders for a caffeinated refreshment... where we met my cousins Emma and Studgie. It was fab to catch up with them.

While in Borders... Olly picked up some headphones for my birthday. These babies :: MDR0XD100 :: are monsters... they hold my whole ear and make me look like a Cyberman. Thanks honey!!!

Govan Band at Port Glasgow

The festival was great. The Band sounded great... and Olly and I were surrounded by some fab people: Janey & Roscoe... plus folk from Summer School - Laura K, Gregor, Brian, Fraser, Matthew, Heather... to name but a few. Felt good to hear their stories and share some of ours (like Calum's story). Can't wait to the gathering next Saturday in Edinburgh.

Colonel David and Grace Napier were the guests at Port Glasgow and that was just the gravy - they are wonderfully talented and Godly folk... and David was, as usual, on fire. I'll post about his thoughts later.

Sunday was my birthday... and I was jumped on by the we'ans with my cards and present. Unfortunately, I needed to work in the morning... get a head start on a paper I am working on.

Olly came home after 1300hrs... and took me over to Janey and Roscoes...


I am Roscoe's best man... and they combined my birthday pressie with a wee token for the wedding... and got my an iPod shuffle. I love it. Its so dinky... and yet it holds over 100 songs. Sweet!

On the way home... Olly decided to take me for some food. Her excuse was that she couldn't be bothered cooking. She took me to The Bentley Hotel in Motherwell. When we got there I realised I had been conned... deceived by my most trusted friend!

My familyOlly

My folks were there... which was a wonderful surprise. What a lovely way to pass the time... good food (Pakora followed by Cajun Salmon) and great company:

PakoraCajun Salmon


So that was the weekend that was... Sunday night was finished on the 'tinterweb or in a book. I am blessed with great family and friends... and my thanks to everyone - you know who you are!

Oh and who was the owner of the ear???

Billy Boyd aka Pippin in Lord of the Rings. I never realised it was him... I never saw him until I left Starbucks. The thing I thought was cool was how everyone left him alone.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dude! 33 is a good year. And to celebrate it with food, friends, a shuffle and Yes' classic Close to the Edge- sweeeeeettttt.

weareallghosts said...

Thanks buddy!

Johnny said...

Yes....hmnnnm......You know, you could see a doctor about that! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Glad to share your birthday with you. Trust you will enjoy many more in His Will.


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