Thursday, August 30, 2007

no 'sects in the city'

so all saints - come out of the tomb of a dying colonial christianity and let's all work together across scotland - arm in arm - to heal the land

no 'sects in the city' but and incarnational revolution of 'saints into the city'
Jesus was sent and turned water into wine- but we need a revolution of apostolic sending of the saints with signs and wonders following:
  • turning sectarianism into true community (the kind that involves God. people and land)
  • turning addiction into prayer and celebration ie into real friendship with God, people and land
  • turning masochism into shining in public in the land
jesus can:
  • turn denominational sects into community
  • turn addictive worship services, ministries and christian practices - into true prayer and friendship with God and people out in creation
  • turn centuries of self-harm among saints into releasing their declaration of love for self and God by releasing their dreams into the land
but He can't do it without us- we are his physical body - so don't hold it back and close your spirit down and quench the Spirit of God - GO! leave all that crap behind and get stuck in.. to healing a wee bit o yer ane land
wee beautiful pict

I am proud to call Paul Thomson a friend... and his latest post is really challenging me. He is challenging the very nature of what it means to be out there... and the "crap" I should leave behind. I recommend you read the whole post and soak it in.

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Anonymous said...

Thomas, I am dealing with thoughts on Christian love intervening to break the curse of loneliness and the need to "walk with people" through every difficult period. There is a desperate need for Christian love informed by God's Word to be involved in these areas. Check out Philippians ch 1, especially in The Message.


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