Thursday, September 06, 2007

the biggest thing in their life is word of mouth

"The kids all said that a) no one listens to the radio anymore, b)they mostly steal music, but they don't consider it stealing, and c) they get most of their music from iTunes on their iPod. They told us that MySpace is over, it's just not cool anymore; Facebook is still cool, but that might not last much longer; and the biggest thing in their life is word of mouth. That's how they hear about music, bands, everything."
Mark DiDia, Head of Operations at Columbia Records (NY Times)

This statement jumped out at me when I originally read it on psfk... it was the reference to Facebook still being cool that caught me... then I noticed the reference to word of mouth.

More and more I honestly believe word of mouth is "everything". Think Steve Jobs doing his thing at one of the Apple media events. He's not pimping his product to the masses... he's talking to you direct. Hey... this is the buzz.

How can this be applied to faith? I think one-to-one is the most effective way... shining your light... being salt seasoning... talking about a friend rather than trying to recite a sales pitch.

Evangelism = Enthusiasm. You don't hard sell something you love... you tell your friends... in words that make sense to them... your language.

Think about it.
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