Sunday, September 23, 2007

Janey and Roscoe are gettin' married... [2]

Groom and Best Man

What a day!!! Ross made it to the Church in plenty of time... I was there, afterall, to ensure he got there... and didn't leave.


It was truly a family occasion with Miriam acting as the Flowergirl and Dayna as a Bridesmaid. They scattered the rose petals with willful abandon... with Miriam continuing to do so long after they'd come to rest at their seats.

The Bridesmaids

The Bridesmaids :: Jo and Lauren :: looked stunning in their purple dresses...

Here she comes

...and Janey looked a Million Pounds in a wonderfully flattering white number. The dress was precariously balanced on Janey's rather well endowed frame. We were all thankful to discover the dress had straps for dancing!

I do

The Ceremony went well... with Yvonne and Jim playing My love is like a red, red rose for Janey's entrance. Truly a beautiful piece of music expertly played.

Major Eck from Bellshill conducted with Ceremony... adding insight and humour in a way only he can. At the end of the Ceremony, he presented Ross and Janey with the Bible he used to read their vows from... lovely touch!

Olly sang... Claire Bradbury read from 1st Corinthians 13... Gavin Smith read a lovely verse and Captain Sanderson lead a beautiful prayer. Fab!

Ross and Janey

Afterwards... we headed to the Erskine Bridge Hotel for photographs and the Reception.

The photographer was lovely... a real gentleman... who had no issue with other folk taking photos. This made the experience far better than I personally had expected. I still could have done with some botox for all the smiling I needed to do. Still sore!

Us and Them

My whole wide world!

Olly and the girls looked wonderful... and I was and am a proud man!

My life

Mrs M scrubbed up very well... and looked truly fabulous!

Olly and me

If I am honest... I think she thought I scrubbed up pretty well myself! I love wearing a Kilt... and am thinking of buying my own.

After the photos... we had the speeches - with Ian [Father of the Bride], Ross, myself and Jim [Father of the Groom] all taking turns. I was pretty scared with my speech. It wasn't rude or anything and, from the feedback I received, I believe it went down well. I might put it on YouTube or something.

After the speeches... we had dinner with a fab chicken and haggis dish that was to die for.

Father and Daughter

There is only one thing you do after dinner at a Scottish wedding... well there is two things but getting steamin' isn't the done thing with a strong Salvation Army contingent... so the only thing left for us to do was to dance... and boy did we dance! We had live Ceilidh music provided by Ian Milligan [the chap who did the Summer School Ceilidh] and everyone was up for a reel and a jig until the wee small hours.

It was a fantastic day. Made better by meeting up with a number of my pals :: Kenny & Sarah, Bobbito & Diane, Al and Steph, Mog, Scott and Susan, Aileen and Mark, Kirsty & Fraser, Laura... tremendous!

We finished the evening with Auld Lang Syne... and left with a smile.

Olly and I were jiggered... but feeling good. Thankfully the Bride and Groom were not next door to us.

I've added more photos to Flickr. Check them out here


Johnny said...

Sounds like a fantastic day

littlelaughalot said...

What an amazing day. Jane looked absolutely stunning and Ross was very handsome in his kilt. What just blew me away was the love that was so evident to see one each of their faces when they gazed at one another...which was pretty much all the time!


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