Saturday, September 22, 2007

Janey and Roscoe are gettin' married... [1]

Me and the Bride to be

My sister from another mother [and father] is getting married today to... Roscoe


The whole family are taking part in their day...

Olly practising

Olly is singing twice in th service...

Miriam with her bearMajor Eck... and Dayna

Miriam is the flower girl... and Dayna is a bride's maid. Our good friend... Major Eck from Bellshill Corps... is leading the ceremony. A real friends and family affair.

Yvonne Practising

The practice was last night... and it went well. The tune that Jane comes down the isle to is awesome... I won't spoil things and tell you what song it is... but Yvonne plays it with such feeling... it is truly wonderful!

Margaret... the flower woman

Another thing that I just lapped up is the flowers... Margaret (above) and her daughter Fiona... have done Jane and Ross proud with all the flower displays. It was really great to watch them create too... I was hanging about... getting in their way... watching them arrange and shape... Lovely.

Kilty Fresh

Tried on the kilt last night... feels good! Might get myself one...

More photos here.

1 comment:

Chris H said...

Wow, is that Port Glasgow hall? It's changed a bit since we were there!!

Hope the day goes well. Missed you at paintball but understand you might have been doing something a little more important :)


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