Friday, September 28, 2007

Bo Brekke :: Sadly missed

I am gutted to hear that Colonel Bo Brekke has been murdered in Pakistan. This is a sad day for the world and for the Salvation Army when a man of his standing and compasion has been taken.

I was inspired by Bo and his wife Brigitte... although I never met them. Their work with Sally Ann was awesome.

His article We are the poor is a really thought provoking work... and I quote from it now in celebration of the man... for what he has achieved... for His Lord and for the poor he did it for.
The greatest thing we bring to mission in an economically poor country like Bangladesh is the liberating news that Jesus has come to give people back their true identity as Children of God. By transforming individuals, Jesus wants to transform their relationships and indeed the social structures of whole societies.

Here, our own understanding has undergone a complex change. It is not right to speak of a ‘mission to the socially disadvantaged’. We are not a church that identifies with the poor. We are not a movement for the poor. We are the poor. The Salvation Army in Bangladesh is a church made up of the poor.
We are the poor

Read more here - Thanks to Chris for the heads-up.

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Anonymous said...

I share your sentiments. I have also been sharing with session friends in Norway of this tragedy and they are in shock too - as they are close friends of family. Bo and Birgitte were our previous DCs. But Bo has left his influence and made an impact on our ministry.

Matthew & Debbie Bennett

Витек said...

It's a terrible loss for us, he was serving one year in Russia and was appointed to Pakistan later on... He left a significant impact on our life and ministry... We are praying for his family and we are really sorry for them...


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