Sunday, September 09, 2007

Roscoe's Stag Weekend

Bestman and Groom

Roscoe is getting married... and we couldn't let him spend his last few weeks as a free man without marking the occasion.

Duncan, Jim and Ritchie

A group of us headed to the Rosoi in Bellshill (next to the Corps) for a curry and a blether.


Ross was supplied with some items to help him with his forthcoming wedding ::
  1. a tee-shirt for folk to record their wishes to the groom...
  2. a pair of antlers so everyone would know that he was the stag...
  3. a pair of rubber gloves for his pending domestication...
  4. a copy of Heat magazine to help him learn the language of woman and
  5. a stick of lip-balm to ensure his lips are in tip-top condition for his honeymoon.
It was a lovely evening... their chicken garam masala is awesome. Hot and tasty.


On Saturday morning we headed over to xtremekarting in Falkirk for some high speed hijinks.


After getting suited and booted in rather fetching Power Rangers outfits... we watched a safety DVD then let out on the course. We were split into 6 teams of 3 for an endurance race.


We had a wee 20 minute practice to determine pole... My team came in last on the grid.


The track is awesome... very tricky with a cool bridge, loads of bends and turns. The morning was great fun... good competition without any nasty rivalry.


Good fun was had by all... although it was hot, hard work!

No 3 :: Kenny, Jim & Andrew

Third on the podium were Kenny, Jim and Andrew... followed by...

No 2 :: Fraser, Brian & Roscoe

Second were Fraser, Brian and Roscoe the Stag.

No 1 :: Mark, Tony & Ritchie

First were Mark, Tony and Ritchie... with over 200 laps in 90mins. Well done!

The Black Bull

Afterwards... we headed to Billy's pub [The Black Bull] in Cambuslang... to watch the Scotland qualifier.

C'mon Scotland

Good fun had by all. Here's to Roscoe! All the best, my brother.

More photos here

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