Friday, September 07, 2007

Catch the Fire

Over the bridge

Drove through to Glenrothes last night... to see my pals from Summer School and to support Dan & Chris with their alternative worship service aka Catch the Fire.

Dan presented a busy programme of song, Scripture, videos and talking... while playing behind a huge keyboard with Chris on electric guitar.

<Rachel, Amy, Natasha & Callum

It was great to catch up with Rachel, Natasha and Callum... from Summer School and meet Amy for the first time. It was great to just hang with them and blether... the kids from Summer School are all on fire for God... in a really positive and inspirational way. For example... Natasha brought Amy to the gathering.

Chris (Dan & Callum in background)

It was great to see old friends with new friends. Great to see Chris and Dawn... Dan & Carol-Anne, Callum, Rachel, Natasha, Jan, Kevin and Naomi.


What amazed me about the evening was how it exploded into chat... really productive chat... when the service finished. This isn't after church... this is church..! and it was beautiful to be part of.


Natasha was her usual bubbly self... You can hear her testimony here - its was fab to see her and share in her enthusiasm for a wee minute.

The kids are really on fire and I hope they are given enough support and room to make mistakes as they deserve.

All in... a great night. Next one is on the 11th October. I am shattered.


caldjr said...

great to have you with us Thomas. Really enjoyed the night too even though I was leading it! Looking forward to the Youth Club Band debuting next time!

Chris H said...

Dan beat me to it, but it was great to see you on Thursday night.

You mentioned the opening night of Deep, but I've forgotten the date. What was it again?


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