Sunday, September 30, 2007

Tunes for a Sunday Evening...

Been listening to a ton of great tunes...

Selmasongs - the soundtrack to Dancer in the Dark - by Bjork featuring production from Mark Bell and a fab duet with Thom Yorke [I've seen it all]. I love the orchestration and the other-worldly place the music goes when the strings melt into post-rock soundscapes with found-sound beats. I haven't seen the film... and I think this has helped me to contextualise the music on its own. Truly joyous and uplifting. It was released in 2000 and it stands the test of time...

Another album that stands up to the marching of time is Parallel Lines by Blondie - I picked up the reissue for £3 just before Rose and Janey's wedding... and what an investment. 6 of the 12 tracks were released as singles... and are held in some form of collective pop consciousness... this album is so familiar and yet so new and fresh. It formed the soundtrack to the weekend away at the Wedding. Tracks like Hangin' on the telephone, One way or another and the fantastic Heart of Glass are just classic new wave rock and roll. Awesome!

Royksopp's collection of tracks for the Back to Mine series is amazing... its like the follow up to the fab Trips by Tom Middleton. Its a mix of fantastic 70s and 80s funky electro beats and fine productions... New tunes that I welcome being introduced to. Fresh and different... a real insight into the tunes Royksopp dig. Great for on the move... with a new track from Royksopp under the alias of Emmanuel Splice. Nice!

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