Sunday, October 28, 2007

This was my weekend :: Yesterday and Today

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Spent the day with Janey and Roscoe in Greenock and latterly Gourock. Yesterday was the anniversary of Janey's mother's passing... and she wanted to pay tribute. I tagged along with the we'ans (although not to the graveside)... Olly was out with her mum and sister on their annual shopping pilgrimage to Glasgow.

How the mighty have fallenWaitin'

Spent time hunting in the wee shops. The we'ans love spending their pennies in the Pound Shop - Simpsons / Dr Who / Wallace & Gromit - some fab kit found among the junk. Also found some old iPod goodies... for those of us, like me, who cherish their original Shuffle. Nice.


Everyone in New Dawn

Grabbed some food with the extended Anderson clan in a church coffeeshop called New Dawn - really good fun... great to be surrounded by Janey's family.

Al in New Dawn

Al was there... was great to catch up with him... Had a chat about Revival on which a number of books in the bookshop were entitled.

I quoted from The Emerging Church by Larson and Osborne where I interchanged renewal with revival...
Renewal implies that the Church was once what God intended it to be and that our task is to bring back that golden age. From its earliest beginning until now, the Church has been in the process of becoming, and it shall always be so.
Makes sense to me. We are all obsessed to some degree about looking backwards as a means to look forwards... I look to the earliest days of the Army for guidance... and yet... it is folly to want what we can never have. We need an ancient future one where the best of the old is used to shape the best of the now and the possibilities of the future.

Looking to the sky

We need to look upward to what the Lord wants... and not hanker after the good old days.


Inside the McLean Museum

Afterwards, we spent some time in the McLean Museum and Art Gallery which is an awesome wee museum celebrating the people of Greenock and their industry - ship building. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to take any photos... I sneaked the one above... but the museum is a great record of shipbuilding and it was superb to spend a wee while their with Jane's Grandad who was part of the team who built the Oberonclass of submarines. Awesome for Dayna and Miriam to be with someone who brought the display alive for them.

The art gallery are presently hosting an exhibition from Ana Maria Pacheco whose work was unknown to me and yet something I really enjoyed. Its all in the eyes... shear horror at times that is so vivid and striking. Nice bonus for the trip.

After stopping at Flava in Gourock for a latte... we headed home. I picked up Olly at her mum's to find she had another blinder of a migraine.

We spent the remainder of the evening watching Michael Palin and then Star Trek Nemesis.

Sarah... about to drop

Today... after an extra hour in bed thanks the end of DST... I went to church with the we'ans... leaving Olly in bed with a mask over her eyes.

Good to see Sarah (above)... she goes into hospital tonight to be induced. I hope to hear from Kenny tomorrow with news of a wee boy or girl.

Otherwise... spent the day relaxing... Olly is still low and stayed in her bed... other than to make lunch (yes... I am useless) and to tidy up the we'ans stuff. We did get time together watching Alan Titchmarsh on our urban wildlife... which was nice. I then watched more from Michael Palin - I have really loved the New Europe series.

I am now off to bed. Glad for a relaxing weekend... worried about Olly and scared as to how quickly time is whizzing by.

My thanks to Janey and Roscoe for their company. Please keep Olly in your thoughts and prayers. I think she needs a transplant to feel better... a husband transplant :-)

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