Friday, May 29, 2009

Emerging Scotland Meetup

Had a lovely evening last night meeting with fellow emerging Scotland peeps.
We took over a corner of my local Starbucks in Borders and had a right natter about our personal situations... plans & dreams for the future etc.
What struck me was the diversity of people: young & not so young... male & female... various denominations & associations... it was an inspiring & engaging mix.
What encouraged me most was that everyone was immersed in conversation... & mutually appreciative discussion. It was very uplifting for me... and very encouraging to Stewart, who was hosting the meetup.
I think it met a need... a gap, so to speak. People were no longer alone or subject to seeking support online.
So here's to this becoming a regular thing... albeit... not on a Thursday due to the busyness of the City Centre & Starbucks.
My thanks to everyone for contributing... & to the staff of Starbucks for their patience.
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Johnny said...

Glad you guys had the opportunity to meet up..was there in spirit :-)


Angus Mathie said...

Good to see! Trust that God will bless you all, particularly Stewart and yourself in the arrangements.

wcs53 said...

Would love to have been there, but there is, literally, an ocean between us.


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