Friday, May 29, 2009

Emerging Scotland Meetup

Had a lovely evening last night meeting with fellow emerging Scotland peeps.
We took over a corner of my local Starbucks in Borders and had a right natter about our personal situations... plans & dreams for the future etc.
What struck me was the diversity of people: young & not so young... male & female... various denominations & associations... it was an inspiring & engaging mix.
What encouraged me most was that everyone was immersed in conversation... & mutually appreciative discussion. It was very uplifting for me... and very encouraging to Stewart, who was hosting the meetup.
I think it met a need... a gap, so to speak. People were no longer alone or subject to seeking support online.
So here's to this becoming a regular thing... albeit... not on a Thursday due to the busyness of the City Centre & Starbucks.
My thanks to everyone for contributing... & to the staff of Starbucks for their patience.
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