Monday, May 25, 2009

My BSA Javelin :: saddle & tape...

I picked up a honey brown Brooks B17 standard saddle today & some white Fizik tape... from Evans at Xscape. I wanted to keep the bike looking as original as possible... so I replaced the plastic Brooks B18 seat & the white tape that was on the bike when my dad gave me it. I probably should have went with black but... the honey brown was just so sweet.

Next up is new tyres. It would appear that... due to the age of the bike... I may not have a wide selection of tyres to choose from. They are 26" / 1.25... and this isn't too common nowadays... at least in Evans. I hope to find yellow or white tyres... but may have to do with what I can get.

Will keep you posted.


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Angus Mathie said...

Well done! I like the changes and look forward to you enjoying it to the full.

BF said...

man, I remember that bike! I recall you on the racer, me on the grifter and then you requesting that I call you Thomsk in the doorway of the garage at your house in Livi. That must have been 20 years ago. WOWZERS.

LuinThallion said...

Looks great, mines up in my parents attic still, pricing up some wheels, tyres and gears to resurrect it :)

weareallghosts said...

Luin... Get it down now... it's an awesome bike! Watch the tyres though... not a standard size - had to get tyres shipped directly from Raleigh.



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