Sunday, May 24, 2009

My we'ans amaze me!

I really love my new wallpaper for my iPhone. Dayna pinched my iPhone... created this pic with the "iDoodle" app then set it as my wallpaper.
Yesterday, Miriam looked up YouTube vids to learn how to use the open source paint app called "TuxPaint"... then asked me to download it. She is currently playing with it... and by playing with it I mean learning by doing & getting better with every attempt.
This interaction with IT astounds me. It shouldn't really... the we'ans have been browsing & gaming for years.
Maybe this kind of freedom makes me a bad parent... and I do worry about YouTube considering the recent porno-as-kids-vids attack... but with the correct add-ons in Firefox, I am convinced they are training for their future.
Add to this their gaming... with the DS, Wii, PSP & PS2... and i think they are preparing for the future... and for now... in ways we can only dream.
Now... if I could only get them into electronic music.
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