Saturday, May 23, 2009

This is cool :: fliptime for iPhone

There are three ways to get me to buy an app:
  1. Fulfill a perceived need that I have...
  2. Via a personal recommendation from a trusted friend... or...
  3. Be featured in one of my fave blogs... such as coolhunting, swiss-miss, influx insights or notcot.
Consider this...
  • coolhunting = quadcamera
  • swiss-miss = flip clock
  • influx insights = birdhouse
  • notcot = classics
and now fliptime due to another post on notcot(#21,863).

I'm a sucker for well designed clock apps... and fliptime is nice addition to my collection. One that includes the fab flip clock.

In essence fliptime displays a clock and calendar... a well designed & executed clock and calendar... made special by the presentation... like an old arrivals / departure board in a train station.

Its the kind of app you want on all the time... albeit... doing that would probably kill the battery.


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