Saturday, May 30, 2009

Do we really need another remake?

My thanks to aldakila for the heads-up to the new "V" TV series.

Whilst it looks really well made... I can't help but reiterate the question my lovely wife asked when I showed her the trailer:


Do we really need another remake? Is nothing sacred? At least George Lucas told new stories with "the Clone Wars"... and J J Abrams sought to pioneer with "Lost"... albeit... I got so lost with Lost that I gave up.

That said... the recent remake of Battlestar Galactica was impressive... and the recent Star Trek "reboot" was... well... fantastic!

I think... at the end of the day... the new "V" should be viewed with a sense of optimism... as if seeing the show through fresh eyes. Who knows... it may become the new BSG?!?

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