Tuesday, November 03, 2009

An awesomely zingy day for receiving...

Today was an awesome day for receiving...

Awesomeness_ Rivendell

First up... I received this wonderful picture of Rivendell from my dear friend, and Olly's cousin, Derek aka joy_inc. In the parcel with the picture was a note of reassurance and encouragement... that I won't share on here... other than to say it referenced the journey I am on.

I love geeky references. For those that have read the Lord of the Rings... will know that Rivendell is a place of peace & tranquility. It is the home of Elrond and the place where an orphaned Aragorn is given refuge. It is the place Frodo & the Hobbits head for... and then depart from.

I guess I am looking for my Rivendell... my place of peace on the journey I am on. Its not a place I intend to stay... but it is a resting place... a space for growing strong... for recuperating... before making out once more on my journey. It is also the place, just like Frodo, where I gain an insight into my purpose.

Thank you Derek... I get it and am glad to have got it from you. You are most kind!

Awesomeness_ Marc de Ridder's pic #1

Awesomeness_ Marc de Ridder's pic #2

Next up... I received these brilliant photos from a colleague at work... Marc de Ridder. Marc is a truly brilliant photographer and is a genuine inspiration to me. He was the kind soul who gave me 9 rolls of film last week... and he has gifted me two of his photos for our house.

I love birds. I think I am a secret "twitcher" and instantly gravitated towards these pics when he showed them to me last week. The composition of the photos really spoke to me... I love reflection and I really appreciate off-centre shapes... and I was naturally complementary of these shots. I never thought I'd end up owning my own copies.

Marc's work is very impressive and I would encourage you to check out his work :: http://www.marcderidder.com/. I would love for him to get the exposure he deserves.

Awesomeness_ Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim

Lastly... I finally got my impatient grubby paws on a Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim 35mm film camera. I've been lusting after one of these babies for a wee while now... and picked this up for a tenner on eBay.

I am so excited to see the pics but am also deeply worried that I will be disappointed. I have hyped this camera up in my head and hope it lives up to the possibly unfair expectations I have for it. I've popped some Kodak ColorPlus 200ISO in it... so I'm praying for some sun.

My thanks to Derek... to Marc... and to the lassie I bought the camera from... for making my day extra zingy.


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