Tuesday, November 03, 2009

'roid week #2 :: Ultra Wide & Slim

Was initially disappointed with this pic... its blurred and I felt it was almost decaying as I watched on. It was the last pic of a pack of ten that was seriously out-of-date... & has been in my camera for too long.

But then as I left the pic on the coffee table... it began to haunt me... to intrigue me. I realised the image had stayed with me.

The pic gives me a shape and a flavour for something more... something just out of my reach.

I know its silly... but I feel it expresses the hunt for my Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim - the object in the pic. I describes the faint out-of-focus hope of finding it... & the genuine wish that I had... & have... to obtain it... to see it up close.

I'm glad to have found the camera in the image... to have finally reached the end of my own personal rainbow... but I am equally glad to have my Polaroid & to be party to the things that only it can express.


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Angus Mathie said...

I think what is more important with the series of Polaroid photos is that you are willing to experiment and show the results: good/ bad/ indifferent does not matter but gradually refining what pleases you.

There are some superb photos in your collection, such as the Peebles landscape, but that is my subjective opinion.


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