Thursday, November 26, 2009

Welcome to Glasgow, Jeff...

Welcome to Glasgow, Jeff

One of the inspirational photographers I follow on Twitter :: @jeffreywith2fs aka Jeff Hutton :: recently offered his original polaroids to folks to rephotograph/recontextualise in some manner or other... i have an idea. a giveaway of sorts. an art project of sorts, too. i want to give YOU one of my polaroids. i'll pay to ship it to you and package it all nice, too. and you'll get a one of a kind little piece of art.

what's the catch? pretty simple: a picture of you holding my shot or a picture of my shot in it's new home.. i would really like to compile a book with these pictures. and then we'll share the whole thing and we'll all feel good. and i'll have more space to keep shooting and collecting more polaroids...

I jumped at the opportunity... received my pic... and tried to think of the best way to introduce Jeff to my world. If you take a look at the other entrants in Jeff's gallery you'll get why I wanted iconic.

What I came up with was the pic above... aided and abetted by Stewart Cutler who took the photo with my dad's Canon Digital Rebel with a wide angle Soligor lens. The Duke is an alternative Glaswegian landmark and, although he didn't have his usual cone hat, he was photogenic!

So yeah... Welcome to Glasgow, Jeff... and thank you for allowing me to be part of your giveaway. Can't wait to see the book.


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stephy said...

Gorgeous photos. I love your blog!


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