Sunday, November 08, 2009

Who wants to be confused with some of the most dangerous and stupid people in the world?

"... Christian Zionists are yet another reason why I and countless other Christians, including many of the more moderate evangelicals, mainline Protestants, Roman Catholics, and Orthodox are hesitant to be labeled “Christian.” Who wants to be confused with some of the most dangerous and stupid people in the world: nuclear-armed, paranoid evangelical/fundamentalist Bible thumpers rooting for Armageddon and worrying in paranoid “official” documents about being forced to become like “the Europeans”? ..."
Frank Schaeffer

Taken from his book :: Patience with God :: Schaeffer presents an interesting viewpoint... a critique of the Fundamentalist Evangelical subculture from within. I recommend you read the excerpt.


J said...

I can't get past the one major hurdle to Schaeffer's thinking here: he cares far too much about what other people think.

Now, I'm not arguing for blase indifference, but ultimately we a Christians and we look for God's approval and plaudits first and foremost. If we happen to be in good standing with secular society that's a bonus, but not essential to the heart of Christian mission. The Spirit will open doors, not some kind of exercise in brand identity.

weareallghosts said...

Whilst I understand what you mean and agree to a point... the concern I have is when our actions & behaviour act as a barrier to open engagement.

The paranoid positioning of the "us" and "them" mentality of the FE (note capitals) can only act as such a barrier... especially when we consider the "them" as deserving of damnation and, as such, not worthy of our concern/care.

Remember... this is the mentality that JUSTIFIES the murder of abortionists.

Yes... I agree the Spirit will open doors... but we must ensure we are doing all we can to ensure we are noted for our love and not our hate.

If we are not known for our love then... surely... something is wrong?!


Existential Punk said...


Thanks for posting about this. i LOVE Schaeffer and read his articles all the time at Huffington Post.

He speaks from personal experience as he used to be one of those Christians!

J, i do not believe he is looking tofor approval or that he cares too much what people think. He is trying to expose dangerous and unloving thinking.



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