Sunday, July 18, 2010

the beach + the park + pizza + a film... all with my family = the perfect day

040710_ Donkey Concession

I wish we got better weather in the UK. When its sunny... when its warm... we don't need to go anywhere. We have awesome beaches. We have awesome parks.

When its sunny, nothing beats grabbing some time at the seafront in Scarborough... or wandering around such an uniquely interesting park as Peasholm Park.

The rest of my photos from two weeks yesterday and today are online here.

In the evening, we went for pizza in York (Frankie & Benny's) before going to see Eclipse.

Pretty much the perfect day.


040710_ On Scarborough's beach

040710_ Olly & I

040710_ walking back

1 comment:

Angus Mathie said...

Another good set which brought back nice memories of places and events. The photos of the Canada geese were very well taken and it was enjoyable to see places we did not notice in the same way. The photo of the surfboard was another piece of good observation.


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