Saturday, July 10, 2010

Canaveral Dreams has been released

Whilst I was away... Cousin Silas has released his 12th album :: "Canaveral Dreams" :: on the Italian netlabel acustronica. I would well recommend this release but then... I did do the artwork for it.

Here are some thoughts on the album... provided to the man himself as feedback a few months back:

  • 001 - A Passing - Wonderfully languid... reminiscent of Eno... an excellent opener – sets the tone for the album.
  • 002 - From A Dark Lighthouse Parts 1, 2 & 3 - Expertly crafted soundscape... gives me “mind pictures” of the sea. Haunting... in a more unfamiliar than scary kind of way.
  • 003 - Crane At Train Station - My kind of ambience... beautifully subtle & relaxed yet well formed and melodious with a sense of brightness... a joyful moment... like seeing a massive crane in the Motherwell Train Station carpark (the track was inspired by one of my photos).
  • 004 - The Decay Of Concrete - Another wonderful soundscape... very much reminiscent of your “Ballardian” work... but not necessarily as dark. More empty and unknown than dark. I see old disused concrete tunnels that whilst abandoned and forgotten by their makers retain a mystique to a new breed of urban explorers with cameras.
  • 005 - Sawney Hill - There is an openness about this track that is truly delightful... coupled with a sense of the grand. As if you've reached your destination and you are taking in the panoramic view for the first time.
  • 006 - Black Mold - Disturbing and disorientating... a sense of panic in the dark. Intimidating but not quite overwhelming.
  • 007 - Canaveral Dreams - A sense of awe and a feeling of size & proportion... like look towards something grand, inspiring and yet intimidating. Like the feeling of walking into the cathedrals of old or seeing the scientific marvels of now... like a rocket about to launch from its dock. Maybe even seeing the Earth from space.
  • 008 - To The Other Side - A sense of coming and going... waves of the sea on sand... that leads to an awakening... a dawning of a new day... like the dark is darkest just before the dawn and then when dawn comes all that concerned us is forgotten in the warmth of the sun.
  • 009 - Arriving Home - The anticipation builds... is felt in the repetition of a heartbeat. Everything passes by in a blur as the focus is placed on the singular moment of arrival... even holding our breath as we near.
  • 010 - Concrete Towers - I see the sun glinting and flaring off towers... I see my photos of the sun playing peek-a-boo... with a sense of calm and peace. A sense that the sun is there... and keeps shining. Regardless of our bleak and empty surroundings there is still light and beauty.
  • 011 - Time Lapse Crash - Scene 7 - Very powerfully evocative soundscape... I can visualise the crash referred to in title.
  • 012 - Whitefield Pits - The feeling of walking in a darkened cave or tunnel... the drips from the roof creating an eerie yet reassuring sound.
  • 013 - First Night - The sense of sleeping rough or in a tent... in the middle of an unknown and threatening space. Very much a feeling of restlessness in the dark as a result of all thats going on outside... unseen yet heard... in the blackness.
  • 014 - Through Glittering Trees - There is something wonderfully rhythmic in the melody. Simple and joyous.
  • 015 - Out There - Something foreboding... in the dark. A wonderful end to another awesome album.

If you like ambient electronica then please check this album out. Truly fantastic.


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